BGM INSPECTIONS deals with non destructive tests in shipping building, transformation and repair, building of industrial plants, piping and on-shore and off-shore platforms.
More over the enterprise runs Technical sector working together with his qualified engineer who has experience in design sector, CE markers, and 20-year technical and structural tests of lifting appliances according to DM 11/04/2011 used for the determination of residual cycles.

BGM INSPECTIONS carries out the development of activities by engineering, project management and building services with very qualified and professional people who have high technological competences.
The main objective of BGM INSPECTIONS is the quality ensuring the safety of this customers and workers according to Quality System certificates ISO 9001

“The competitiveness has to be reached in respect of sustainable development“.
BGM INSPECTIONS does business having main objectives such as research, innovation, quality, health of people and environment and multiculturalism, integration, responsibility and safety.

BGM INSPECTIONS has achievied its objectives by the ongoing research and the use of new technology and so far it has collaborated with, Fincantieri spa, PB Tankers spa, CEM (Edison), Cantiere Navale Palumbo spa, Italcementi spa, Portitalia srl (New port spa), Cantiere Navale Adorno srl, Terna Spa, Somat Spa, Melcal Marine srl, Sormec srl.


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